Monday, March 8, 2010

Justin is 17!

On Saturday March 6th, Justin turned 17! Woo! Happy Birthday baby.
He came over & immediately wanted to open his gift. I love going all out for birthday's so I got him a giant present. Couple shirts, some candies, baked him a cake, & gave him our love child. We spent the day together & then hung out with Steph & Matt that night. On Sunday we were at his house for a little birthday party. We had a yummy dinner, watched a movie, & danced pretty hard to some wonderful 70's music. Ha. Thanks for the great weekend babe, it was a blast.
Happy Birthday Justin Clay.

Reading the card...

Babe how do I get this open?

Notice where he put the bow...

Babe you wrapped these amazingly. When our kids have birthday's & for Christmas & stuff, you're doing the wrapping. -Justin

One of the shirts.

This is our love child. Her name is Zoey Larsen. Born March 6th, 2010. She's gorgeous isn;t she? Looks just like her daddy (:


definitely my favorite of the day.


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