Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween is cool

I thought i was totally in love with this boy, but i wondered if we were truly meant for each other.

Now that I have seen this side of him - this ability to artfully and skillfully carve a masterpeice out of a holiday gourd - I KNOW we are soul mates!



again... PERFECT!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Queen's Ball

Long story short - we were invited by my cousins, to attend the pretty exclusive Queens Ball in East Texas during the Yamboree!

He wore a tux (and looked crazy hot!) and I wore this little silver number.
We danced, we laughed, we had a fun night!

Monday, October 18, 2010

almost halloween!

So it is almost Halloween. And because I love to bake & make holiday treats, I made a (Halloween) gingerbread house & Justin made a cake in the shape of a pumpkin. Even though my house is kind of lame & fell apart, and his pumpkin looks more like a teenage mutant ninja turtle, I think we did pretty good.

He was concentrating pretty hard.

That is totally a ninja turtle.
(And I added more onto my house later, so it really doesn't look that lame).

Um, Let me just say that I have a serious thing for hot guys in baseball caps. Even though he really isn't a huge fan of them, I LOVE THEM! & I think he looks so freakin gorgeous in it.


random pics.

just some pictures of me & justin clay (: