Monday, April 26, 2010

shaving cream fight!

So. the other night me & justin were definitely bored out of our minds so we decided to have a shaving cream fight. Haha! it was super fun. we made a huge mess. woops! :p

aw babe.

oh man. look how fine he is.

aren't we the cutest?

the pond.

me & justin were playing at the pond while mom, tim, & his friend zack were "fishing". (:


Monday, April 5, 2010

easter eggs

um. happy easter! me & justin colored eggs. lemme just say, they looked pretty awesome. but then, JENNI, left them out all night long so we had to throw them away. but other than that, easter was great. (:

the blue egg in the middle says mrs.larsen (:

aw. justin.

aw. aren't we the cutest?

i love you!


i have found my new career. i have decided to be a tattoo artist. i basically rock at giving tats. i gave justin an entire sleeve. its so awesome! i also got some inkage done on myself as well. check it.

i'm so hardcore.