Friday, March 26, 2010

spring break.

for spring break this year, me & justin, mom, tim, ben, & carlie, all went to san antonio & corpus. we went to the beach & to fiesta texas. it was pretty fun. wednesday was carlies birthday & saint patricks day. we spent it in port aransas. we played dress up in tons of saint patricks day stuff. plus, i loved getting to be with justin all week long.

justin & me at the beach one night.

carlie's birthday party on the beach.

we were all in justins hotel room one night waiting for the a/c in his room to be fixed. it was HOT

justin & me in the hot-tub one night.

dancing in the street at grandma's house.

playing cards before dinner out on the deck.

taking a picture with scooby at fiesta texas. justin was so nervous.
scooby's his favorite.

sorry that this video is sideways! Just tilt your head to watch Justin sing (sort'of!) and dance! scroll to the bottom of this page and press pause on our playlist first!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

Justin is 17!

On Saturday March 6th, Justin turned 17! Woo! Happy Birthday baby.
He came over & immediately wanted to open his gift. I love going all out for birthday's so I got him a giant present. Couple shirts, some candies, baked him a cake, & gave him our love child. We spent the day together & then hung out with Steph & Matt that night. On Sunday we were at his house for a little birthday party. We had a yummy dinner, watched a movie, & danced pretty hard to some wonderful 70's music. Ha. Thanks for the great weekend babe, it was a blast.
Happy Birthday Justin Clay.

Reading the card...

Babe how do I get this open?

Notice where he put the bow...

Babe you wrapped these amazingly. When our kids have birthday's & for Christmas & stuff, you're doing the wrapping. -Justin

One of the shirts.

This is our love child. Her name is Zoey Larsen. Born March 6th, 2010. She's gorgeous isn;t she? Looks just like her daddy (:


definitely my favorite of the day.


Friday, March 5, 2010

let's paint!

so i decided that my bathroom needed a change. since justin is manly n stuff, he helped out.


oh yes. how delicious. -maggie

we're going to focus. look. we're using painting tape & everything.

well. after a while. we kind of got distracted.
(look at his dimple! isn't it cute?) -maggie

oh! i'm sorry. did i get some paint on your face.? -maggie

yum. paint.

justin! are you okay?! after a long day of work & play he needed some rest.
i love you. -maggie

we bang.