Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Last week we decided to take a little day trip to Athens to go fishing. Me, Justin, Mom, Michael, & Tim all piled in the car ready to fish. On the way there we stopped by mom's favorite bakery to get sandwiches for lunch. Outside they had GIANT furniture. So me & Justin of course had to sit in the chairs!

We didn't end up with any fish, but we had a really good time anyway!

Look at all the fish!

College Station.

So Justin's team did really well with all their 7 on 7 practice games. Well enough that they got to play in the 7 on 7 State Finals in College Station! Me, mom, & Tim followed his family up there so we could watch Justin play. They played ALL DAY LONG. It was a fun weekend & Justin played really well. (He wore Spandex shirt the whole time. My favorite!)