Tuesday, February 23, 2010

san antonio roadtrip!

so valentine's weekend jenni was bored. she got up saturday & said, "well. there is nothing to do around here. let's go to nana's." HECK YES! then thinking i couldn't leave poor justin, i asked if he could go.... & his parents said yes!
ah. i love my life!
so we packed everything up in about in hour or so & headed off to nana's. since i brought justin, tim decided he should bring ben.
the car ride up there was pretty long, but we had a lot of fun. thank-you for coming with me.

playing at the river.

looking at each other longingly. dorks.

matt, steph, justiun, & me. aren't we pretty.?
i think justin fits in just fine.

ooh baby. -maggie
in front of the temple.

yumm. i love gummy worms. -maggie

at the river some more.

we're hot.

love you.

we bang.

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