Wednesday, January 6, 2010


this is our blog....
we made this blog because justin decided that we needed to let everyone know how UHHMAZING we are together. plus, it's basically hilarious that he wants to document our relationship. aww. i think he has a crush on me. (but it's okay. i have a HUGE crush on him too.) -maggie

what i thought of her when we met...
In life you always have that image of that one special someone, and when i first saw Maggie i thought that she was uhhmazingly sexy. I always had that image that I would meet someone with an amazing personality, outgoing, and not scared of being her self. Well I think I have a good chance of Maggie being that special someone!-justin

what i thought of him when we met....
i wanted to talk to him. like real bad. just because he was gorgeous. (obviously) he was kind of quiet, but he was sarcastic so i knew we would get along. when i see someone, no matter who they are, i kind of decide right then if we are going to be friends or not. with justin, i knew we were going to be friends for sure. whether he liked me or not. -maggie

what i love about her...
I love how Maggie is always so hyper and jams super hard 24/7. Its pretty amazing I never seen a female be so jumpy and I think that amazing. I love it when she sings to me in the car, she has a better voice than the singer that is singing the song! She needs to go on American idol, no joke. I love it how she is not afraid to kiss me or hold hands in public places. She has amazing hair that always goes back in place no matter what you do. She is my Jesus! -justin

what i love about him...
the way he dances with me. his charm. his dimples. his earrings. the way he giggles like a 5 year old. his girly eyelashes. how he's not afraid to show me how he feels about me (he thinks i'm the shiz). he is always happy. he wears his CTR ring to please me. his beautiful muscles (seriously they're amazing. and rock hard. like steel or something. you should see them. no for real. oh wait, they're for my eyes only. ha!). he gets me presents for no reason. he calls me jesus, because i'm perfect! duh. he let's me sing to him constantly. his style.
i don't know. i guess everything. just mostly because he's mine. -maggie


  1. so... maggie... when are we gonna get a couple blog..?

    lol.also, LOVE the rainbows justin. jenni told me YOU picked it out. great taste.

  2. Okay I know this goes without being said, but one of your model babies names will be Carlie.